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Our specialties

مجال القانون الجنائي
المستشار د.محمود نصر

Field of criminal law

We are proud to provide our clients with extensive experience to ensure achieving the highest desired results with regard to investigations conducted by the Public Prosecution or in pleading before the competent criminal courts at all levels, as well as writing and drafting criminal appeals to the Court of Cassation, whether to overturn felonies or overturn misdemeanors.

Reviewing the Laws

Criminal Appeals Department

We provide all integrated services in drafting and writing criminal cassations for felonies and misdemeanors in judgments issued by criminal courts regarding crimes of assault on persons and crimes of assault on property through an elite group of the most experienced lawyers in the field of criminal cassation, who read the case, the ruling issued therein, the minutes of the sessions, and the documents related to it, then examining the important points that are formulated in a way that guarantees the acceptance of the appeal and retrial, all through appearing before the various chambers of the Court of Cassation for criminal appeals and pleading therein.

المستشار د.محمود نصر
قسم الطعن الجنائي
المستشار د.محمود نصر

Criminal Cases Department

We provide all integrated services in criminal cases, including attending investigations in various prosecutions, whether in the Public Prosecution, the Supreme State Security Prosecution, the Public Funds Prosecution, the Financial and Commercial Affairs Prosecution, the Money Laundering Prosecution, or the Appeals Prosecution.
Moving to the place of arrest to obtain evidence or documents that may be useful in the case, whether from witnesses, surveillance cameras, or telegrams sent.
Attending sessions on the subject before the criminal and misdemeanor appellate courts in order to plead, submit memorandums, and prove innocence.

قسم القضايا الجنائية
  • المستشار د.محمود نصر
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