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المستشار د.محمود نصر


Name/consultant Dr. Mahmoud Nasr

  • Doctorate in Criminal Law - Cairo UniversityCurrent Position :

  • Lawyer of cassation and supreme constitutional law.

  • Professor of Criminal Law and Criminal Cassation Appeal

  • Previous work: Public Prosecution

  • Judiciary up to the rank of Chief of Appeal


Previous experience :

  • Public Prosecution
  • Criminal justice at its various levels

  • The first judicial inspector in the General Administration of Judicial Inspection at the Ministry of Justice
  • Member of the technical office of the National Center for Judicial Studies and its lecturer
  • Counselor up to the rank of President in the Supreme Criminal and State Security Courts
  • Cairo Criminal Court
  • Giza Criminal Court
  • Aswan Criminal Court
  • Red Sea Criminal Court
  • Alexandria Criminal Court


Reviewing the Laws

Scientific literature

  • Mediator in crimes harmful to the public interest

  • Discretionary power and guarantees for the accused in criminal proceedings.


Scientific expertise

  1. Teaching the prosecutors and judiciaries at the National Center for Judicial Studies, basic and specialized courses, and many Arab and African judiciaries.

  2. Discussing many doctoral and master’s theses as a member of the discussion committee and judging those theses.

  3. Participation as a lecturer in many conferences related to law.

  4. Teaching postgraduate students at the Faculty of Law, Alexandria University.

المستشار د.محمود نصر
المستشار د.محمود نصر
  • المستشار د.محمود نصر
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