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المستشار د.محمود نصر

Office of Counselor

Dr. Mahmoud Nasr

Cassation Lawyer

  • المستشار د.محمود نصر
المستشار د.محمود نصر

Office of Counselor Dr. Mahmoud Nasr

Former President of the Criminal Court, Doctor of Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure at the Faculty of Law, and Professor of Criminal Cassation Appeal 

Office specializations:
●Felony cases
●Ordinary felonies
●State security crimes
●Economic crimes 

Counselor Mahmoud Nasr, former head of the Criminal Court, said that alcahool, “alcahool is a name given to a person in whose name an illegal property was written by one of the contractors,” is the weakest party in building violations and is chosen carefully because the contractor knows that he will not be able to stand up to him, as he knows that he is of little help. In one word, the locals are an essential partner in all violations. Otherwise, how did the utilities enter these properties?

He added during a telephone conversation with the journalist Wael Al-Ibrashy on the ninth program broadcast on the Egyptian TV Channel One: Residents must be asked about the person of the seller and who dealt with him. All localities are the hotbed of corruption, and after the state’s strong intervention, there has been an investigation report from the police, and all the cases currently in the prosecution office will receive acquittals. In court due to lack of sufficient evidence.

He continued: I must deal with the agencies and bring the other party and challenge them for forgery. The alcohol crisis is very easy and can be closed in a very easy way.

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  • المستشار د.محمود نصر
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